Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Cloudfoundry experience

I finally decided to follow up on my "Congratulations, You have been signed up with Cloudfoundry" email and see if I can go flying in the cloud. I looked at the help doc and started following along.
You'd have to install ruby and ruby gems, unless you opt for the STS plugin. The Cloudfoundry's deploy tool vmc is a gem so the first thing I did was "gem install vmc" as per the help doc.

After that I went on to deploying my hello world grails app. Attached is a screen shot of my dos session:

And sure enough the world's best online donkeys supermarket can be found at:

I didn't have to install a database, I didn't have to write code to talk to a proprietary data source (hint, hint...GAE). It all just magically worked. Thumbs up!

I like the fact that it gives you three options for database - MongoDB and redis besides MySQL.
It also automatically detected that I wanted to deploy a Grails app.
You can also deploy Rails, Node, Sinatra, Spring Roo and JavaWeb.
Happy clouding!


  1. onlinedonkeys ... man, you are creative.
    nice post.

  2. Hey man, just let me know if you need a good deal on a donkey. I will hook you up! :)